Check It Out: Robert Roth’s Landscape Paintings

robert roth7

“I like to be spontaneous, by abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.” Robert Roth

So seductive and calm at the same time. Robert Roth combines a variety of textures and shapes blended with quick brush strokes to achieve a sense of lost and found. He finds inspiration throughout his travels, where he always records from life. Go check out his work HERE.

robert roth1robert roth8robert roth5robert roth6robert roth3robert roth4robert roth2



I see Primary Forms everywhere.. Do you?

tumblr_o70y5gHnor1qzx8t2o1_500A minimalist’s dream, no doubt. And maybe that’s why they are so popular at the moment. Primary forms recalls the good old days we all had as children playing with brightly colored geometric toy blocks; they bring us back to the good old simple days. I would go as far as to say that it’s a micro trend of the gigatrend; slow luxury, nature, sustainability, etc.




Try This: Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Marshmellows 1

When it comes to food I usually post something organic and healthy but not this time! A couple of weeks ago I helped my friend launch her exhibition and we came up with the idea of serving muliticolored chocolate dipped marshmallows. They were really fun and easy to make but I have to admit, that the kids were more enthusiastic about them than the adults. Still, they were a hit and made a good talking subject!

Marshmellows 2

Check It Out: Lise Honoré’s Bronze Sculptures

Lise Honoré Bronzeskulptur guldpose 2Just some mobile snapshots from a walk down Copenhagen’s upper art district. I especially fell in love with Lise Honoré’s bronze sculptures. Lise Honore is a danish artist who’s been producing art since 1971 and is especially known for her bronze paper bags. And who wouldn’t understand that. Photos: By Me

Lise Honoré Bronzeskulptur papirpose1

Lise Honoré Bronzeskulptur guldpose 2Lise Honoré Bronzeskulptur papirpose2Lise Honoré Bronzeskulptur guldposeLise Honoré food box bronze sculpture1Lise Honoré food box bronze sculpture3

Collage by Lise Honoré


Lise Honoré boxes bronze sculptures

Bredgade art tour





Old to New: Love the imbalance of a Single Earring

Single pearl earring diy

As obsessive as I am with asymmetry, I love the imbalance of a single earring. It’s simple yet head-turning.

Paired with my adoration for finding a purpose with leftovers, I ended up making this single earring. The pearls are from an inherited old pair of earrings, the gold chain is bought at a jewelry store and Voilá – the old got new life.

Do you also embrace finding new purposes with ‘leftovers’?

Single pearl earring diy 1 2


Delicious Rhubarb Vanilla Non-Sugar Soft Dink

Rhubarb Juice 1

Just a really simple soft drink I want to share with you. It’s made out of rhubarb, vanilla and water. No sugar added which I really love. Not just in how it taste but it’s nice to be able to make a soft drink that’s delicious without sugar. Especially because I’m pregnant and eat and drink all the time.


HOW TO: I took a bunch of rhubarb, added a vanilla bean, covered it with water and boiled it till the rhubarb was really soft. When done I strain the mixture through a sieve and you get the rhubarb vanilla juice. The juice is really sour but the trick is to only mix a couple of spoons of it with (sparkling) water. And Voila; you have the most delicious and healthy summer drink Hope you enjoy!

Above picture: concentrated rhubarb vanilla juice

Rhubarb Juice 2

Into: Summer Twinkling Candle Lights!?!!

I know candlesticks are not hot at the moment if you take the season into consideration. But think about those warm summer nights on the terrace lit by stars and twinkling candle lights. Here are a couple of candle holders I’ve been really inspired by lately. Hope you enjoy!

lindsey adelman nick and the candlestick adelman candlestick

Nick and the candlestick by Lindsey Adelman

Modern poetry.

Fritz Nagel Candle Holders – Germany in the 60’s


Frama CPH – Apparatus Studio

Geometri and balance.

 Ted Muehling Biedermeier candle holdersT-Magazine




Living with Thrifted, Inherited & Upcycled Pieces

home cumber 1

I love a good thrift store find.  A garage sale treasure.  An upcycled project. An inherited piece. All mixed together. And I’ve always added these types of items throughout my entire home and love decorating with them. Money was sparse and tight when I grew up but my love for aesthetics and design pushed me into up cycling and creating many things myself. Today it’s still such a big part of me and I’m constantly thinking of new up cycling projects to create.

The other day I looked through my photo bank and found a couple of photos from my old bachelorette apartment. That apartment is really the incarnation of living with thrifted, inherited and up cycled pieces so I thought I would some of them with you. I hope you will feel inspired!

ABOVE PICTURE: FRAME thrifted and painted white to make the pink poster pop out – POSTER is bought from the über cool ladies over at – TABLE is inherited from my grandmother – PLANT is grown from a cutting from a dear friend and the PLANTER is bought cheaply at the grocery store. I really like this planter because it is a mix of being round and square at the same time giving it and urban but soft feel.

home cumber 4

PHONES are thrifted from ebay – ANGLE candle stick holder, ELEPHANT piggy bank & COCKTAIL SHAKER are inherited. I’ve grouped these things together because of their different height, difference in materials and time but also similar in color.

home cumber 5

I love mentioning the DINING TABLE and CHAIRS because they were all found in the trash! Can’t understand people would throw out such functional things. The TEAK CHAIRS were reupholstered with white leather, the other chair was painted white and so was the table.

home cumber 10

RECORD PLAYER was inherited and the GUITAR gifted by a friend.

home cumber 3

ALL inherited by my grandmother and father.

home cumber 7

home cumber 11

ART by Peter Missing on a steel plate – LADY in white gifted by my mother.

home cumber 8

LAMP thrifted and painted white – PLANT grown from a cutting – BOXES thrifted

home cumber 9PICTURE inherited. My friends and family are really divided in opinion about this picture. Either they love it or think it’s dark and depressing.

PICTURES from vogue’s Full Moon Story printed from the net and hung in my bedroom over the sweetest pink couch.